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Arrival into Cyprus

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Arrival into Cyprus

At 2am setting off in -15c had me wondering what the hell was I doing and ready to turn back and come up with some silly excuse for not going

Have you ever felt the same, setting off for somewhere and thinking why were you bothering?

Manchester airport loomed into view and after navigating around the same roundabout three times and shooting off as if the momentum had thrust me towards the correct parking space was a relief. Parked in meet and greet which I found so easy it was fabulous.

Key deposited into a rack on the wall and off into Terminal 1

Nothing could have been easier, well, it was easier than the blooming security scan checks I can tell you, so I will…….

My carry one small case was scanned four times – four times, because I was carrying all my camera gear, batteries and ‘stuff’. Oh you are carrying a drone we must swab that for drugs. I have never taken a drug (illegal one) in my life and never will, but I was stood there waiting for handcuffs to be placed around my wrist and marching off with the gestapo to my doom.

Eventually after what seemed like 3 days I was told “everything is ok sir thank you for your patience”………(less said the better, it is their job after all)

Plane (squeezie jet) – zoom – land – Cyprus – YIPPEE

Keep tuned for more motorbike adventures of Cyprus 🙂

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