First biking day

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motorbike tours cyprus

First Cyprus biking day

Motorbike Tours Cyprus

The Yamaha XT600 has been collected from The Golden Ride rental company in Paphos. She is an old looking machine with 60,000km on but fires into life without a cough, happy days. Really who cares how old, or what her looks are like, if she makes you smile then what else matters?.

The plan was to travel quite some distance but unfortunately the wind was so strong higher up into the mountain area and nearly ending up as tarmac food the decision was taken to stay near the coast and what a great choice that was.

Starting through Coral Bay and keeping to the coast road ending up at St George cove and harbour.

Motorbike Tours Cyprus

Discovering the sea caves along the way was just fabulous. The caves worn away by the sea into the limestone rock, forming a beautiful canvas upon which photographs can be taken.

The harbour is out of a story book of times gone by. A little harbour with small boats rocking on the waves of a glorious clear blue ocean with the most spectacular blue sky you could dream of. Simply stunning. Staying there a while to soak it in it gave an opportunity, or two, for some posing and photographs to be taken.

Motorbike Tours Cyprus

The harbour area was hard to ride away from because the sunshine, the view and the general feeling of ‘blood marvellous’ was like super glue to the soul, but……….ride away I must because from the distance, and not to far away, 3 dogs appeared barking their heads off thundering towards me. It was then I discovered for the very first time that I can do off road riding at an impressive speed.

Motorbike Tours Cyprus
Motorbike Tours Cyprus

The rock in the sea shown in the pictures above was quite recently attached to the mainland and is now part of an archeological dig, with teams from, would you believe….NEW YORK !.

Then it was off onto the Akamas peninsular, more on that in the next episode of Motorbike Tours of Cyprus with Kevin Lear 🙂

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