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Off Road on Akamas

by MotorBikeTV
motorbike tours cyprus
motorbike tours cyprus

60yrs Old and First Time Off Road Motorbike Adventures

I confess to being somewhat apprehensive at the thought of going off road into the unknown Akamas Peninsula on Cyprus western shores. After all I am 60yrs old and the body is not what it once was (if it ever was anything). However, throwing caution to the wind, and having been invited by a slim attractive young lady, I couldn’t say no, could I…….

motorbike tours cyprus akamas peninsula

I was on board a Yamaha XT600R and Zee (that is her name) was on a 250cc of some make, and off we went. Zee standing up on her bike looking ever so professional and myself sitting down following, looking like a plank. Eyes wide open, mouth wide open gasping for oxygen, and hands gripping so tight I nearly made the handlebars flat.

motorbike tours cyprus

A short time later I too stood up to prevent my backside becoming the opponents ping pong bat, with the ground, and found it rather interesting. The ground looked ever such a long way off, so far in fact I felt I could parachute to the ground. What a relief from the pounding my bum was taking though, and instead my knees shouted for joy (I wish) as they became the shock absorbers for the rocks we rode over, the gullies the rear wheel crashed into, and the guiding lights to keep the bike upright when the mud had the rear wheel of the bike sliding sideways with the front wheel doing entirely its own thing.

Whilst I was using all my ‘skills’ to prevent looking a complete prat, there was Zee riding along without a care in the world, bouncing, swerving, climbing and smiling, occasionally looking behind to make sure I was not leaving skin DNA on some gravel. However on one occasion, with a deep ravine to my left, my bike stalled, leaned 45 degrees towards said ravine, with its sole purpose of crashing to the ground. With all my strength I straightened up and shot off up the hill thinking to myself. ‘clucking bell’ that was close.

Not long after this we pulled over and gulping water down as if I was the plunge pool at the bottom of a deep waterfall I recovered some composure (I wish).

motorbike tours cyprus

Shooting off up hill turned what I had just experienced into childs play, because going up hill provided more rocks, gravel, gullies, and interesting corners to navigate, than I could ever imagine. However, I was now more confident and discovered the faster you went the easier it became. Along with feathering the clutch this was now becoming great fun and I was mastering this terrain inch by inch. Plus, standing as I rode was starting to feel bloody marvellous.

We eventually reached one of the first view points looking over Turtle bay and gave a nice time to stretch my new shock absorbers, bringing a small amount of relief, along with relaxing my hands from their vice like grip. Not only was the view fabulous, it also showed this immense rain cloud heading our way.

motorbike tours cyprus

Seeing the rain cloud Zee suggested heading back eastwards to try and move away from a drenching, and I am happy to say her decision was spot on. Yes we got rained on a little bit but nowhere near the soaking we would have faced had we continued eastwards.

motorbike tours cyprus looking towards Polis and Latsi from Akamas

Further up we went until right on the top not only could we see the southern shores of Paphos district but by walking just a few yards we could see Latsi on the western shores and I felt on top of the world

motorbike tours cyprus
motorbike tours cyprus looking towards Turtle Bay (with Zee taking pictures)

Not only had this been my longest and certainly most challenging off road experience I felt elated that I hadn’t come off, hadn’t made a fool of myself and rode away backdown to Coral Bay with a new found joy…….that of off roading

Thank you Zee and Golden Ride Rental of Coral Bay for one of the best experiences I have had for many a year


motorbike tours cyprus

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