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The Troodos Mountains

February 12, 2019

The Troodos Climb…..

The morning started with glorious blue skys and a chill in the air. Yes, Cyprus in February has a chill in the air until around 11am, when the temperature might have climbed to a skin scotching 16c.

Heading off on my Yamaha XT600R towards Polis on the main Paphos to Polis road it quickly rises up to the top of the hill and at 8.30am the chill was felt through to the very core. It was manageable but a shock to the system nonetheless. However, the view once the top was reached and overlooking Polis on this crystal clear morning was glorious.

Motorbike Tours of Cyprus

Turning right onto the F733, just before reaching Polis, it was time to head up into the mountains.

The beautiful part of this journey, and reaching for the sky, was the traditional Cypriot villages you come across, as if time itself had stood still, whilst the developers had taken over parts of Cyprus these villages had resisted change and had a beauty about them that will never be lost.

Motorbike Tours of Cyprus
Motorbike Tours of Cyprus

Continuing to climb you come across the tree populated slopes of the Troodos mountain range. Then you have entered your own small piece of paradise. A road that in 2 hours only 1 car was seen coming in the opposite direction. A Road that has the mountain slopes painted on a canvas of a sparkling blue sky and your eyes taken hostage creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Motorbike Tours of Cyprus
Motorbike Tours of Cyprus

After around an hour of climbing and enjoying the thrill of an empty road full of twists and turns you find yourself still some 30km from Troodos herself. This time of year at this height it really is very chilly and starting to shake with the cold and the fact of the fuel gauge light showing BRIGHT orange the end of the climb had arrived for two reasons. One, being the fuel gauge showed the arrival at Troodos may not be achieved, and secondly the uncontrollable shivering was rather uncomfortable.

Motorbike Tours of Cyprus

What had been seen though, and what had be learned as well was the Troodos mountain range was absolutely stunning. The roads empty so you can enjoy the ride. The views were captivating, but most of all was the realisation that I should have filled up with fuel in Polis. Although, would that have been enough to reach Troodos herself and then to find another fuel station before the chug chug of doom can only be guessed at.

My top tip at this time of year……….take a car 🙂

(or maybe hire a motorbike with a fuel gauge)

Motorbike Tours of Cyprus
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