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June 14, 2020


MOTORBIKE ADVENTURE BOOK - sam manicom books
MOTORBIKE ADVENTURE BOOK – sam manicom books

Why in all of mankind would anyone who has just passed his motorbike test want to ride through Africa………get this book and Sam will take you on a journey you will never, and I mean ‘never’ forget!


Here is an extract from the book…..“The concrete cell (as Sam had been incarcerated) reeked of urine, and a bucket in the corner stunk of faeces. I was scared, but if I didn’t look tough they’d be trouble.

Sam Manicom Into Africa  motorbike adventure book
Sam Manicom Into Africa 

Now one of the things that concerned me was is the book going to be ~ I got on my MotorBike, rode, saw some things, got off my bike, pitched my tent, got up, eat breakfast, got on my bike, rode along, saw some things………..

You get the mind set I was in right ! NO it certainly is not = answer

So onwards with our great adventure, courtesy of Mr. Sam Manicom, you see in my opinion reading books enables you to escape into your own adventure because in your mind’s eye you are going to see things that even Sam won’t have seen because you are now going on your own adventure…..

Let me take you into the adventure…….

You start thinking that maybe your job is boring, and that you are sick of the 9 to 5 existance working for someone who you’re sure is not as good as you, plus you have to battle through the traffic to get to sit at a desk, or behind a wheel, and your mind starts drift….

You’ve watched things on the TV by Bear Grylls, or perhaps Michael Palin, and think “I’d bloody well love to do that” Then you see a book in a book store, or perhaps as we increasingly do on the internet, and think “I love riding my MotorBike, wish I had the courage to do what this guy has done”

YOU buy the book out of curiosity and wonder if you dare even read the first page, worried it might inspire you to think about leaving your job and saying “bollocks to the job” I can do this too.

Well, let me tell you something if the thought about leaving your job and going on an adventure scares you DON’ T pick this book up or else the smile on your face as you tell your boss “I’M LEAVING” may just start to cross your mind as you start looking online for MotorBike Adventure Clothing and the dream might just come true

GO ON I double dare you to buy this book………

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