Why, would you want to discover & explore this region of a few stunning mountains standing proud after millions of years creating their rugged appearance for your delight. Mountains covered in grass with fallen stones or even boulders and some with stunning stone walls decorating their flanks. Mountains that reach all the way to the sky looking down at you, smiling. Mountains that offer extraordinary views that take your imagination hostage.

MotorBike Tours Cumbria, though, gives up absolutely nothing without having to work for it, riding your motorbike through her valleys, towns, villages and alongside the simply beautiful lakes, meres, and hidden waters.

We shall travel through these regions as we ride on our Motorbike Tours of Cumbria

There are Motorbike Tours of Cumbria that can be completed within the day, and a special one that will cover the full weekend.

A Region that offers you views to make your toes curl……….yet is accessible by everyone from around the world.

You have the power within you to ride these roads, to see these views, to taste the food and drink, to wonder how in all the creation of mankind did the stone walls appear as far as the eye can see, reaching up hillsides so steep it beggars belief how they stay upright like soldiers of parade. Maybe you will ride your motorbike when the first dusting of snows tickle the tops of such splendid mountains making tears appear in your eyes, or the first buds of spring that bring such colours and fields of golden daffodils. 

Cumbria brings unimaginable joys, so I bid you welcome to my masterclass as I kidnap your dreams…….and take you on journeys of pure jaw dropping memory making.

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